Custom Laser Light Shows

Tribal Existance Productions Worldwide ® is an experienced, professional custom laser light show rental, sales and services company specializing in extreme high power high end full spectrum laser light shows.  We provide some of the worlds most powerful class IV laser systems for indoor and outdoor aerial use, from 1 to 160 watts in almost any visible spectrum. We also provide custom production services including professional theatrical lighting design, animated concert lighting design, film and television lighting design, product or brand marketing, commercial class IV high power laser logo billboard display presentations, video projector rental production, cutting edge special effects, custom designed inflatable props, structural rigging or support, trussing designs, back drops, pipe & drape, and more. (See more in our site menu above.)

Professional Lighting Design Services

We have extensive lighting design expertise in film, television, motion picture and music production, fashion and sporting events, concerts, tours, conventions, festivals, trade shows, live performances, live award show events, televised events, symposiums, expositions, large scale city events, massive open airs or electronic dance events, International airport security alarm system lighting design installations, special event themes, governmental events & electoral conventions, holiday and corporate events. We have participated in the production of many high-profile events in large stadiums, arenas, pavilions, fairgrounds, convention centers, theaters, coliseums, amphitheaters, large night club venues, film studios, sound stages, exclusive ultra lounges and large outdoor venue locations in almost any environment worldwide. We also provide extraordinary laser & lighting special effects for many motion picture industries on location worldwide. It’s our honor to support various high profile industries with state of the art theatrical and music video film shoot set lighting grip production technology as well.

Outdoor Extreme Aerial Sky Laser Shows

We have also supported many cities with spectacular lighting design productions and choreographed laser light shows for large scale public events such as 4th of July, New Year's Eve celebrations, festivals and annual State & County and international fairs. Extreme aerial sky laser light shows require advanced planning based on the size, scope, location and the type of request. Many corporations and government agencies from around the World utilize our extreme sky laser light show services for corporate or special events with specialize sky laser signage, high power sky laser logo displays. laser billboards, laser marketing and spectacular special effect aerial laser light show entertainment that can be visible for many many miles or kilometers in distance.

Spectacular Laser Billboard Advertisements

Other events include DOD concerts for U.S. Troops, U.S. Air force events, NASA Kennedy Space Center & The International Space Station, International Government Agencies, TSA, 20/30 clubs, the March of Dimes or other charitable organizations, concert tours, massive electronic music events, urban DJ super-clubs, corporate events, dances, fund raisers, custom high profile weddings, specialized private parties and much more. We take pride in our quality innovation and reliable professional services that make us a leader in many industries. Technologically advanced laser systems with digital DLP Projections or high quality analog vector scanning can be a very effective marketing tool utilized with corporate laser logos, product or brand marketing, media, displays, television commercial set effects, and presentations. Product or brand highlights or enhancements that can provide the extra brilliance or “WOW” factor you’re looking for as an added futuristic decoration or attraction for new audiences or customers.

Turnkey Event / Film Production

We can help you design your next event, concert tour, trade show, ultra lounge, exhibit or booth, church production, film shoot, stage, theatrical production, special event, government event, public holiday event, festival or convention. We know what it is like to be in your situation, so we'll go the extra distance to help ensure you have a smooth set-up and rehearsal and then a brilliant performance. We'll provide the lighting and production. You take the bows.